“Aren’t you embarrassed right now?”… Along with ‘Dongbyungsangryeon’, a Busan native’s adaptation to LG

“I rely on (Yoon) Ho-sol a lot.”

Yu-Young Kim started his professional career after receiving the first nomination from the Lotte Giants in the 2014 rookie draft. Kim Yoo-young, who did not show much activity at the beginning of his debut, started increasing his chances to play in the 2016 season, and recorded an average ERA of 4.44 with 2 holds in 40 games (48⅔ innings) in the 2017 season, helping Lotte to advance to the postseason.

Her good flow didn’t continue. Kim Yoo-young stayed in throwing 26 innings in a total of 38 games in the 2020-2021 season. However, in April of last year, he performed ‘surprisingly’ with an ERA of 2.38 in 8 holds, and then appeared in 68 games (51 innings) and rewritten most of the indicators with 6 wins, 2 losses and 13 holds with an ERA of 5.65.

In the process of signing a 4-year, 6.5 billion won contract with FA (free agent) Park Dong-won, LG gave Kim Dae-yu as a compensation player, creating a void in left-handed bullpen resources. Kim Yoo-young was nominated as a reward player. Born in Busan, Kim Yoo-young, who continued her career as an athlete, left her hometown for the first time.

How does she feel about participating in spring camp with her new team, not Lotte? Kim Yu-young, who met at Incheon International Airport on the 30th, said, “I’ve been playing baseball for 10 years, but I think it’s the same competition everywhere. I’m always nervous,” and said, “Actually, (transfer) doesn’t touch me yet.”

LG was a strange place to Kim Yoo-young, who lived only in Busan. He didn’t even have many friends. Kim Yu-young said, “I think I’m in the stage of getting closer to the players right now.” When asked, “Who are you close with?”

Like Kim Yoo-young, Yun Ho-sol is wearing a ‘pinstripe’ uniform as a compensation player for Chae Eun-seong, who transferred to Hanwha through FA. Kim Yoo-young said, “I share sympathy with Ho-sol through conversations such as ‘Are you okay? Aren’t you embarrassed about the current situation?”

Kim Yoo-young has only been on the mound as a starter out of 197 professional games. However, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is predicting Kim Yoo-young as a candidate for the 5th starting lineup. Although she doesn’t have much selection experience, she judges that her stamina is sufficient, and she is expected to decide on her position after watching Kim Yoo-young’s performance in the spring camp.

Kim Yoo-young said, “The off-season wasn’t very different because I prepared as a starter. When I started as a starter in 2017, the content of the game was not good, but the result was good. “I try not to think about numbers. I just do my best.” 안전놀이터

Unlike Lotte, LG is a strong team that has been steadily stepping on the fall stage lately. Kim Yu-Young also has high expectations about stepping on the postseason stage. He expected, “I played fall baseball while finishing third at Lotte in 2017, and it was really fun. I spent a happy and exciting offseason while reminiscing about him.”

His confidence for the 2023 season is clear. Kim Yoo-young said, “Jamsil Stadium is big, and LG’s center line defense is strong. As a player, I think it’s a better environment to play baseball.” said.

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