‘Brazilian Bomber’ Edgar returns after one season

Daegu FC, a professional football club, has many successful cases of recruiting foreign players. If ‘King of Daegu’ Sejingya is the first success story, then Edgar deserves the next rank.

Edgar, who wore Daegu’s uniform through the transfer market in the summer of 2018, led the team’s upward trend by showing active performances that did not require adaptation from his first season. His height of 191 cm and his overwhelming physicality matched well with Daegu’s tactics, which focused on counterattacks, and produced explosive attack power.

However, an Achilles tendon injury sustained during a game in March of last year caught up with him. As the season was expected to be out, Edgar terminated his contract by mutual agreement with the club.

Edgar, who has since completed rehabilitation in his home country Brazil, returned to his ‘second hometown’ Daegu last month.

Edgar, who went through a difficult time, explained, “The surgery went well, and there is no functional problem with the Achilles tendon. The key now is to build good physical strength during winter training.”

He says that at first he had doubts about himself, ‘would I be able to continue as a footballer’. It was because of the seriousness of his injuries and the age of being in his mid-thirties. However, now that he has recovered from his injury, he is only concentrating on the thought of ‘be useful to the team’. 스포츠토토

He said, “It is natural that questions about me follow me. It is a tag that will follow me in the future,” but emphasized, “I came to help Daegu. I just want to prove this mindset with action on the field.”

Edgar, who is about to return from injury, is known to have received love calls from various teams at home and abroad, but he chose Daegu without even thinking about it. He loves his team so much that he watches every Daegu game even while receiving treatment in Brazil.

Edgar said, “Daegu is the place that opened the door for me to play in Korea. I wrote a lot of history here, and I can’t help but have a deep affection for the team.” I am grateful and happy to have been given.”

Edgar also expressed his sincere gratitude to the fans. Last year, at a fan signing event held right before Edgar left for Brazil, hundreds of Daegu fans gathered to see him. Edgar still vividly recalls the scene.

He said, “It was an emotional moment that cannot be expressed in words. I would like to thank the fans who believed in me until the end. I want to share joy and emotion with my fans this year.”

Edgar said, “First of all, the team’s goal is to achieve the goal. Personally, I want to score a lot as a striker. What I desperately want is to finish the year well without injury,” he said with determination.

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