Center back’s ‘Holland’ war… Real-Liverpool-Chelsea-Man City clash

The war to take Joshko Gbardiol has begun.

The British ‘The Athletic’ published an article on the 14th (Korean time) titled “How European big clubs are competing to bring in Gvardiol, Elling Holland of the center back world.” In the article, “Gvardiol is getting a lot of attention. His contract has a £97m buyout clause, but it won’t be activated before the summer of 2024.”

Born in 2002, Gbardiol is still young, but he started playing as a starting pitcher in Dinamo Zagreb, a prestigious Croatian club, from the 2020-21 season. Gbardiol, who moved to RB Leipzig after one season, has grown into a top defender in the German Bundesliga.

When a rare left-footed center back and a young prospect who can play for more than 10 years came out, inquiries from big European clubs poured in. Gbardiol, whose stock price was already soaring, rose to stardom through the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Because of his nasal bone fracture, he made the Qatar World Cup the tournament of his life, although he was that bardiole who wore a mask like Son Heung-min. Croatia, centered on Gbardiol, reached the semifinals of the tournament with a solid defense like the 2018 World Cup in Russia about five years ago.

Now, if you want to recruit Gbardiol, calling him is the price. It is very similar to the situation last summer when many of Europe’s biggest clubs competed for Haaland. It is true that it is not strange to be called the Holland of the center back system.

According to ‘The Athletic’, the clubs competing to sign Grabardiol include Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Liverpool and even Juventus. Originally, Chelsea tried to sign Gbardiol before the World Cup in Qatar, but backed off at an amount of 90 million euros (approximately 126.1 billion won).

Now, even 90 million euros is cheap. Leipzig has no problem selling the player through Gbardiol’s buyout clause, which will be activated in about a year. Since the buyout clause is meaningless in this summer transfer market, it is highly likely that Leipzig will charge a higher transfer fee. In other words, in order to bring Gbardiol this summer, he will have to offer an amount that far exceeds the highest transfer fee in the history of a defender.

The possibility of a residual cannot be ruled out. This is because Leipzig can make tens of billions of profits even if the player is not sold and sent out after the next season. 바카라사이트

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