Correa’s contract is eventually canceled… “Metz disappointed in Correa negotiations”

Will the free agent contract of Carlos Correa (29), whose final decision has been suspended due to physical examination problems, be canceled again? Following the San Francisco Giants, the New York Mets are also showing signs of being tired of the ‘long game’.

Reporter Andy Martino of ‘SNY’, a sports media in New York, USA, said on the 7th (Korean time), “The Mets are increasingly disappointed in the negotiations with Correa. They are seriously struggling to cancel the contract itself.” .

스포츠토토 “The deal is still in progress, but there is a possibility that an agreement may not be reached,” Martino added.

Previously, Correa agreed to a 13-year, $350 million contract with San Francisco last month, but it was canceled prior to the signing ceremony due to a problem during the physical examination.

Then, the Mets, which poured astronomical money into the free agent market, surprised everyone by agreeing with Correa for 315 million dollars in 12 years. However, the Mets also expressed concerns during the physical examination, and the contract was not finalized.

Both San Francisco and the Mets took issue with Correa’s right ankle surgery in 2014, when he was in the minor leagues.

Correa’s position is that it is not a problem, saying that she has never missed a game because of her ankle or calf after the surgery, but the club’s position is different, as they are pursuing a long-term contract that is no different from a lifetime contract.

The Mets are seeking a contract amendment after the physical. Even if the total amount is maintained, provisions such as club options or incentive cuts due to absence will be added, but Correa does not accept this.

In the midst of this, Correa is also considering a contract with a new club. Reporter John Heyman of the New York Post said, “Correa’s Scott Boras has had new contacts with at least one or two clubs other than the Mets.”

Correa’s new negotiation target is the Minnesota Twins, the original team, being mentioned as strong. Minnesota signed Correa to a three-year, $105.3 million contract in the offseason last year. Correa has opted out after only one season and has become a free agent again.스포츠토토

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