‘European re-challenge’ grudge Hwang Eui-jo and ‘effective effect’ Seoul, the reason why the transfer rushed

Hwang Eui-jo (31), who joined FC Seoul in the professional soccer K League 1, still had a strong desire for a re-challenge in Europe. Hwang Ui-jo, who wants to prepare a foothold to go to Europe again, and Seoul, who understands Hwang Ui-jo’s will and wants to achieve a win-win, coincide, and the transfer accelerates.

On the 5th, the Seoul club announced the signing of national striker Hwang Eui-jo on loan.

Seoul said, “Like In-Beom Hwang’s precedent, Hwang Eui-jo decided to recruit this time with the judgment that it would create a positive synergy for both the club and the players.”

Hwang Eui-jo, who wanted a new opportunity ahead of this season, was loaned to Olympiacos (Greece) for one season after transferring to Nottingham Forest (England).

However, Olympiacos did not get a chance to play for three months after the UEFA Europa League match against Nantes on November 4 last year (Korean time). It was not easy to find a new team in Europe, even being caught up in the regulation that you cannot play for three different teams in one season.

Accordingly, Hwang Eui-jo wore the Seoul uniform with the determination to enhance the sense of the game through the rental of Seoul and to contribute to the strengthening of Seoul’s offensive power.

It was unavoidable for him to leave Europe for a while to participate, but Hwang Ui-jo was determined to continue the challenge in Europe.

An official from Seoul told ‘News 1’, “Hwang Ui-jo had to move to a team during the Spring and Autumn Festival, but among them, he chose us because he had a strong will to go to Europe again.” ) I know the team wanted a full transfer or a loan for at least one year.”

Also, the case of Hwang In-beom, a colleague of Olympiacos who served in Seoul through the temporary regulations created in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last season, had a great effect.

At the time, Hwang In-beom wore the Seoul uniform on a short-term contract in a situation where he could not play the league normally at Rubin Kazan (Russia), and after that, he improved his game sense and condition. Seoul also gained a lot. Thanks to the synergy between Hwang In-bum and Ki Sung-yueng, they have a strong midfield, and having a national star helped in marketing.

An official from Seoul added, “Because there is a precedent for win-win where we had a good time together with Hwang In-bum, Hwang Eui-jo, an agent of the same company as Hwang In-bum, was active enough to contact us first.”

Seoul, who remembers this case well, was also convinced that bringing Hwang Ui-jo would have a sufficient effect, even if it was only for a short period of time. An official explained, “With Hwang Ui-jo’s joining, Seoul and the K-League will take a leap forward, and I believe that Hwang Ui-jo will also use Seoul’s joining as a second opportunity to leap forward in his soccer life.”

Thanks to the exact alignment of the interests of both sides, the transfer was carried out swiftly even in an urgent situation.

An official from Seoul said, “We had confidence in each other and had the same goal, so the negotiations progressed faster than other players.”

Hwang Eui-jo entered Korea on the 3rd and completed negotiations, and on the 4th he had a medical test and official shooting. On the 6th, he joined the team for winter training in Kagoshima, Japan, and started his official schedule as a Seoul player.

Both Hwang Ui-jo, who wants to revive by jumping into the game as soon as possible, and Seoul, who wants to melt into the team even a little more in a short period of six months, are both satisfactory results.

Meanwhile, Hwang Eui-jo said through the Seoul club, “I will work hard for the fans, players, and coaching staff, even though it’s a short time.” He expressed his feelings about joining. 안전놀이터

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