G2, 3 consecutive victories after the opening ‘exciting wind’… Mid laner ‘Caps’ is Jacques ‘Pulp Pearl’

Europe’s prestigious team, G2, has won three consecutive victories with new players. In particular, mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Wünter chose Zach in the match against Astralis, the third game, raising fans’ concerns, but all concerns were dispelled with his dynamic play.

G2 won against Astralis in the 3rd game of the ‘2023 LOL EMEA Championship (hereinafter referred to as LEC)’ winter regular season held at LEC Studios in Berlin, Germany on the 24th (Korean time). G2, who easily secured victory points against Excel from the opening game, then beat rivals Fnatic and Astralis in succession to rise to a tie for first place with Team Vitality of “Puckz” Luka Perkovich.

‘Caps’, which has been 7 years since their LEC debut, found fans with spicy picks from the 3rd game. Caps, who fought well with Viktor and Akali in the 1st and 2nd games, respectively, took out the champion in the 3rd game, and it was Zach. Zach is generally known for his jungle position. Recently, the amount of recovery of cell fragments, which is the key to maintaining Zach, has increased stability, and ‘Caps’ applied this and used it in the mid-line.

Since Caps has brought out many unique champions such as Draven and Kane in the mid lane, this choice was not surprising. The strategy of ‘Caps’ was clear. In addition to his staying power, he shook up ‘Summoner’s Rift’ with his ‘slingshot fire’, which could have an effect from a fairly long distance.

‘Caps’, who secured a kill point in the early 2v2 engagements, became a thorn in the eye of Astralis by always moving several times faster than the enemy Silas. In particular, the solo kill recorded from the mid-line in the 13th minute was the highlight of this match. G2, who made a gap of more than 5000 gold in 15 minutes, spurred the operation and destroyed the Nexus in 24 minutes.

In this match, G2 showed off the dignity of a prestigious team by recording 23 kills in 24 minutes. Veteran players Stephen Reeve “Hans-Sama” and Michael “Miki-X” Mühl joined the bot line, adding a sense of stability to the existing unique color. It is noteworthy whether G2, which is on a three-game winning streak, will continue to play an active part in the rest of the regular season. 카지노

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