“Is the back money a joke? Jang Jeong-seok said he even taught me how to send money.”

The KIA Tigers dismissed general manager Jang Jeong-seok, who demanded back money from Park Dong-won (LG) under the pretext of contract extension and FA negotiations.

The KIA said, “On the morning of the 29th, we held a disciplinary committee against general manager Jang Jeong-seok, who caused controversy for his demeaning behavior, and decided to dismiss him.”

Next, KIA said, “After receiving a report last week that the club requested money and valuables during negotiations with a certain player last year, we identified the facts, etc.” Determining that the wrong behavior of making demands was unacceptable, we referred general manager Jang Jeong-seok to the disciplinary committee and finally dismissed him.”

According to the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Players Association) and players, former KIA Tigers general manager Jeong-seok Jang called Park Dong-won (LG) twice before last year’s Stove League and asked for money back.

The KIA was informed of the fact through the Athletes’ Association and Park Dong-won on the 28th, and after conducting its own investigation, held a disciplinary committee on the 29th and immediately decided to dismiss Jang Jeong-seok.

Director Jang is known to have explained the contents of the transcript, saying, “It was a joke.”

However, people with deep knowledge of the incident said that they could not accept it as a joke.

An official familiar with the KIA situation said, “If you listen to the transcript, they say it’s a spectacle. I know that there are many stories that can even lead to suspicion that it is not a skill that has been done once or twice. He even explained how to send money. I know that the word joke contains so much content that you can’t even eat it.”

If there is an explanation of how to send the back money, it is possible to have a reasonable suspicion that this is not the first time for Jang.

If he is new to it, it can be said that he cannot even explain how to provide back money. 먹튀검증

Another baseball player said, “It is said that the number of baseball players entering middle school this year has decreased by about 100 compared to three years ago. It feels like the baseball world is facing a crisis. In this situation, the fact that the head of the front desk, the leader, shamelessly demanded back money is a great shock. It can be said that professional baseball, which should instill dreams and hopes in children, has revealed its ugly bare face. I think it is necessary to cut out the flesh by not only preventing recurrence, but also questioning whether there are any female sins. If we do not clearly sort out the issue this time, it is certain that the 2nd and 3rd Jang Jeong-seok incidents will follow.”

There is also a high voice that the KBO should step up. It is necessary to find out whether there were other black temptations through investigations on players with large contracts.

If possible, even through a full investigation, the suspicious parts should be brushed off. There are a lot of things that raise suspicion to see Jang Jeong-seok’s personal deviation. If the method of sending money was conveyed, it is highly likely that someone received the back money in a similar way.

The Players Association should also encourage a declaration of conscience to add strength to clean baseball. Players who have ever been asked for back money and have actually provided back money should be able to tell their story under strict protection.

This time I have to shake everything off. If you bury other incidents and then explode later, the problem can become more serious. It is time for players to be courageous for Korean baseball.

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