“Just for Beanie” From laser fire to hand-to-hand defense… The AG pitcher’s precious first record with two backup seniors “He was more down on himself than I was”

Kwak Bin (24) earned his ninth win of the season on August 1 against Hanwha. He lost his next three games in a row. I thought, ‘It’s going to happen soon.’ I won my first 10 games in my debut. As it kept getting delayed, he started to get nervous 메이저사이트.

“I thought it would happen soon, but I think my mental part was a little shaky. Yesterday, (Choi) Won-joon told me that (10 wins) will come when my brother does it, and the coaches talked a lot about the mental part, so it helped that I went up in a relaxed state.”

Fourth attempt after three failed attempts. He achieved perfection.

Kwak Bin, who started the ninth game of the season against SSG at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on May 25, pitched a season-high eight innings, giving up four hits and three walks while striking out five. The victory was doubly sweet because it came against an ace in Kim Kwang-hyun, one of the best left-handed pitchers of all time.

Doosan’s Kwak-Bin Kwak achieved his first 10 wins with a perfect game against SSG on May 25 with the help of his two seniors. J

All of Kwak’s teammates helped him through the three-game series, especially catcher Ahn Seung-han and right fielder Kim Tae-geun.

Ahn Seung-han, who was called up to replace Park Yoo-yeon, who went down with an injury, immediately put on his mask.

The catcher is full of fight and determination. He rolled up his sleeves for Kwak Bin’s 10th win. He showed a strong competitive spirit, lamenting a single hit as if it was his job.

“I did it a few times last year with Seung-han, and he wanted an aggressive pitching style, so I think I did it comfortably because I’m aggressive too. He’s a catcher who really gives me a lot of confidence. When I get a hit, I see Seung-han get down on himself more than I get down on myself, and it makes me realize that I need to pitch harder, so I’m really thankful for that.”

Ahn also shined at the plate. He led off the third inning with a single and scored on a leadoff single from Kim Kwang-hyun. He finished 2-for-4 with a run scored.

Kim Tae-geun, who started in the leadoff spot for the first time in his career in place of Jung Soo-bin, who had a sore thigh, helped the three-year junior Bae Myung-go throughout the offense.

After a leadoff single in the first inning, he made it 2-0 with a single through the infield in the third inning. She finished 2-for-4 with a double, one RBI and one run scored.

Kim Tae-geun said, “When I found out that I was going to lead off for the first time, I was very excited. I had a lot of pressure to do well right before the game, but (Cho) Doo-hyung advised me to do the same and be relaxed and confident, so I was able to relax,” said Kim. “In the pregame power analysis meeting, I heard that the opposing starter had a lot of fastballs, so I took advantage of that and it led to a good result (getting a hit in the first at-bat), so I felt less pressure.”

He also shined on defense.

With two outs in the top of the fourth inning and a 2-0 lead, he followed Kim Kang-min’s line drive to right field and made a sliding catch. Kwak Bin was sure to show his appreciation. The Doosan bats, energized after the stunning defense, exploded for five runs in the bottom of the fourth inning to give Kwak-Bin his 10th win.

With runners on first and second with one out in the top of the seventh, Kim Tae-geun threw out Kim Kang-min at second base with a clothesline throw. Catcher Ahn Seung-han, who received the ball from Kim, stumbled backwards and hit his head in a collision with Kim, but kept the ball in play to preserve Kwak Bin’s no-hitter.

Kim Tae-geun said, “I was playing backward defense, but when I looked at the scoreboard, I saw that (Kwak) Bin was keeping a no-hitter. He had the pace to win a complete game, so I just thought that if a strong hit came, I would try to catch the runner at home and protect his no-hitter. It was a bodhisattva made by Seung-han, who caught the ball well, not me,” he said, giving credit to the catcher.

This was the moment when Kwak Bin reached 10 wins without a blemish, thanks to the efforts of two great seniors.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said after the game, “Congratulations to Kwak-bin on his first 10 wins. He must have been under a lot of pressure because he hasn’t won recently, but he pitched his best game this season. He was able to save our bullpen pitchers who pitched a lot in the three-game series in the middle of the week because he was in charge until the eighth inning.” “Among the fielders, I would like to praise Kim Tae-geun and Ahn Seung-han, who came out of nowhere to start the game, and both did a tremendous job on offense. Beyond them, you could see in their eyes, in their focus, and in every single play that they wanted to continue their winning streak today,” he applauded.

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