Kershaw-McClanahan followed by ‘Pitcher’ Otani, 1.8 miles and All-Star Game taken away by blisters

The LA Angels are reeling from major unfavorable factors at the end of the first half.

This is because three of the team’s leading players revealed physical problems.

Shohei Otani, who started the game against the San Diego Padres on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) when Mike Trout was on the injured list (IL), made the worst pitching with blisters on his fingers, while Anthony Rendon is expected to return to the IL due to a shin injury.

Trout suffered a fracture of his left hip bone while kicking Nick Martinez’s ball with a foul in the eighth inning against San Diego on the 4th. Long-term absence is inevitable as surgery may be necessary. First of all, I heard that rehabilitation is needed for at least four weeks and up to eight weeks. Trout has been listed on the IL since 2021 with major injuries every year. He has not escaped injury this season either.

Ohtani lost the away game at Petco Park by allowing five runs in the midst of a difficult situation that allowed seven hits and four walks, including two home runs, in five innings. Otani, who had been concerned about his right middle finger nail breaking in the match against the Chicago White Sox on the 28th of last month, took the mound a day later than originally planned, but was replaced after 86 pitches due to blisters on the same finger while pitching.

Otani allowed Jake Cronenworth a right-handed double in the bottom of the fourth inning when he was 0-0, giving him two runs, and then collapsed after being hit by consecutive home runs in the sixth inning, trailing 1-2. Otani, who gave up a right-handed hit to leader Manny Machado, hit a two-run home run over the left wall while throwing an 81.1-mile sweeper in the middle of Zander Bogartz, and immediately hit a right-center home run as Cronenworth’s 92.6-mile fastball was also thrown into the middle.

In the end, he was replaced by Aaron Roof and went down the mound with his head down. The Angels lost 5-8, making Otani a losing pitcher.안전놀이터추천 His ERA soared to 3.32, with seven wins and four losses this season, and he struck out five to mark 132 of the season.

Finger blisters are ‘repeated’, so you should get plenty of rest. In the end, the All-Star Game is virtually over. Otani, who was selected as the 93rd All-Star Game AL pitcher in Seattle on the 12th, is expected to play only as a designated hitter, not a pitcher.

Otani is the third pitcher to give up the mound due to injury after LA Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and Tampa Bay Rays’ Shane McClanahan.

Otani said after the game, “The injury definitely put us in a difficult position. All the players are doing their best. “I have no choice but to try to win one game at a time,” he said. “Today’s blisters are similar to those from the previous mound.” It didn’t heal perfectly. He said, “As the innings went on, my condition got worse.”

Otani’s fastball speed was up to 98.0 miles and an average of 95.3 miles. Average ball speed decreased by 1.8 miles from the season average of 97.1 miles. In the first inning, the 92 mile range was the main.

Angels manager Phil Nevin said, “Ottani couldn’t control his ball perfectly in the sixth inning. I asked if he was okay just before the inning, but he said yes. After practicing pitching, he raised his thumb. But I felt a little different with more cheeks. “Blisters affected it,” he said, expressing regret.

Otani, who gave up pitching for the All-Star Game, is scheduled to make his first appearance in the second half of the game against the Houston Astros on the 16th. It’s a game after 10 days off.

Rendon was bruised in the top of the fourth inning when his foul hit hit his left shin. It is certain that he will be listed as IL for the second time this season. Rendon, who returned to the IL on the 1st after climbing to the IL due to a left groin injury on the 16th of last month, will be in IL again in 4 days.

The three players’ total annual salary this year is $156.69 million.

The Angels, who lost two consecutive games, remained in third place in the Central District of the AL with 45-43 losses, but widened by seven games against the district’s leading Texas Rangers and four games against the New York Yankees and Houston Astros.

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