Koh Seung-beom “The crisis in Suwon seen in the military was twice as difficult… I am confident of rebounding”

Ko Seung-beom confessed that it was twice as difficult when Suwon Samsung, the original team, went through a crisis while serving in the military at Kim Cheon Sangmu.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held the Suwon Samsung winter training media camp at a hotel in Jeju City. Last year, Suwon, which had its first promotion playoff, started its second field training in Jeju from the 25th with the determination to rebound.

Koh Seung-beom, who completed his military service in Gimcheon last December, joined from the first battery training and is sweating. Suwon fans have been eagerly awaiting Ko Seung-beom’s return for the past year and a half. Unfortunately, the crisis in Suwon continued from the time Koh Seung-beom enlisted.

However, Ko Seung-beom said, “It wasn’t that the team was sluggish because I went out.” I had to feel the grades of ‘. It was twice as hard.”

Below is Ko Seung-beom’s interview Q

&A – My hometown is Jeju, but I also do winter training in Jeju. I feel comfortable, but my

house is also 10 minutes away. Even the playground is where I trained when I was in elementary school. It was comfortable because nothing had changed. Looking back on my childhood, I am working hard.

  • How does it feel to return to Suwon?

Before enlisting in Gimcheon, I once said that I would come back after developing a lot. He used to be just a player who jumped a lot, but now it seems that delicate play has been added. You have to prove it. He thinks more about how to play for this team than about how good it feels to be discharged.

  • After he enlisted in Gimcheon, the sluggishness of Suwon continued,

and he received a lot of contact about it. But it wasn’t like that because I went out, it was a time when I was gradually going down. I want to show you how to overcome it.

  • How do you feel when you see the crisis in Suwon?

I am playing in Gimcheon, but I came to watch Suwon matches. I couldn’t help but feel the same sadness. He was in a bad mood and it was difficult. I had to focus on my game, but I also had to feel Suwon’s performance. It was twice as hard.

  • You seem to have confidence, but you are confident

. I’ve done a lot of winter training, but this time it seems to be going particularly well. Confidence comes from preparation. In the first field training, he was physically trained well. There were no injuries at all. Now the tactical part begins. It’s going well step by step. 토토사이트

  • I have been assigned the number 7 uniform and vice-captain, and

I feel a sense of responsibility. I am honored to have received the title of vice-captain and the good number 7. want to enjoy Instead of worrying, I am preparing to shine in this position.

  • There is a continuous evaluation that says, ‘I seem to have opened my eyes to soccer’.

In fact, the current play is the original me. After coming to the pro, he didn’t come out because he lacked confidence. During his first two seasons after joining Suwon, he thought that since he was a rookie, he had to work hard. He broke the wall and regained his original appearance while living on rent in Daegu. Since he came to a new environment, he thought of trying it properly. That’s how I found myself.

  • If there is a goal for this season

, I want to achieve a career high because I am confident in my physical condition. (The previous best record in a season was 4 goals and 6 assists) My goal is to exceed my record.

  • Which is better, a goal or an assist?

If you’re a soccer player, helping is good, but usually you prefer goals. It feels different to score a goal on the professional stage. The bone taste is very exciting.

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