Like Cho Kyu-seong… ‘K-League Young Guns’ enlisted, dreaming of becoming a national ace in the future

How much can you grow? Young Guns of the K-League enlisted in the military, dreaming of growing up to the next level.

Kim Cheon said that on the 22nd, a total of 18 players enlisted and joined the Changwon winter training camp. The members are gorgeous. 2022 Qatar World Cup member Yun Jong-gyu (Seoul), Kim Jin-gyu (Jeonbuk), Jo Young-wook (Seoul), and other players from the national team, plus top-class prospects such as Lee Young-jun (Suwon FC), Lee Sang-min (Seoul), and Won Doo-jae (Ulsan). .

Military service is a big turning point in professional life. New changes may be frightening, but many players have spent time as an opportunity to achieve self-development.

A typical example is ‘World Cup Star’ Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk). Cho Kyu-seong, who set the record for the first “multi-goal in one match” in Korean World Cup history, in the second game of the Qatar World Cup group stage against Ghana, achieved rapid growth after enlisting as a managing director. Cho Kyu-seong, who made his professional debut at FC Anyang in the second division in 2019, moved to Jeonbuk in 2020 and enlisted in Gimcheon Sangmu in 2021. continued to grow in business. Above all, his physical condition improved. Since then, Cho Kyu-seong has risen to become the leading striker in the league. Last year in the 2022 season, he scored 17 goals in 31 games and won the K-League 1 scorer. Cho Kyu-seong, who even wore the Taegeuk mark, rose to the national team’s main striker through the Qatar World Cup and surprised the world by scoring a goal. 헤라카지노도메인

There are many players who can become national aces in the future like Cho Kyu-seong. Seoul striker Cho Young-wook, who holds the record for the youngest K-League history to play 100 games, has accumulated a lot of experience not only on the K-League stage, but also through the national team at each level and age. He also led the team to runner-up in the 2019 Under-20 (U-20) World Cup. The record of participating in the adult national team A match is only one, but he can become a more important player in the national team in the future.

Cho Young-wook said, “I am half excited and half worried about coming to Sangmu. I will faithfully serve in the military and grow into a better player. Please support me so that I can show a good performance in Gimcheon.”

The same goes for Yoon Jong-kyu, who played an active part in the Qatar World Cup. He is a resource who will be responsible for the side defense of the national team for a long time along with Kim Moon-hwan (Jeonbuk). The growth of Tokyo Olympics quarterfinal members such as Won Doo-jae, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Jin-gyu is also expected. Youngjun Lee and Junhong Kim (Jeonbuk), born in 2003, and Minjun Kim (Ulsan), born in 2000, are quite young players. However, last year, Lee Young-joon was recognized for his potential enough to play 16 league games and Kim Min-jun 19 games. Kim Joon-hong also played in two games despite being in the goalkeeper position.

Kang Hyeon-moo led the team last year as Pohang’s starting goalkeeper, and Kim Dong-hyeon (Gangwon) became the club’s second-youngest captain in history. In May of last year, he was selected for the first time in the national team and participated in the match against Egypt. Leftback Park Min-gyu (Suwon FC) was also a player who was often called up to the national team when he was coach Paulo Bento. He is considered one of the next national defenders.

▶ Kim Chun Sangmu enlisted list: Kang Hyeon-moo (Pohang), Kang Hyeon-muk (Suwon), Koo Bon-cheol (Seongnam), Kim Dong-hyun (Gangwon), Kim Min-joon, Won Doo-jae (Ulsan Lee), Kim Jae-woo (Daejeon), Kim Jun-hong, Kim Jin-gyu (Jeonbuk), Kim Tae-hyun , Kim Hyun-wook, Lee Joong-min (Jeonnam), Park Min-gyu, Lee Yeong-joon (Suwon FC), Yoon Jong-kyu, Lee Sang-min, Cho Young-wook (Seoul), politician (Daegu)

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