Moon Dong-ju 156 km · Han Seung-hyeok 151 km… 158km An Woo-jin out, Gocheok opening game ‘high-speed missile’

Many attractions are expected to be provided before the opening of the 2023 KBO League on April 1st. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop’s official debut, Yang Eui-ji’s return to Doosan, and Lotte FA transfer students’ debut matches will be held at the same time. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s return to the field and defending champion SSG’s new start, and Samsung coach Park Jin-man’s and NC coach Kang In-kwon’s face-to-face confrontation with the new command tower are also expected to attract a lot of attention.

Relatively, Kiwoom and Hanwha’s Gocheok 2nd consecutive match was less interesting. However, when I open the lid of the spring camp, it is not. It could be the most spectacular showdown of the opening series. If Hanwha coach Carlos Subero continues the principle of choosing a native pitcher as the starting pitcher for the opening game for three consecutive years upon taking office, even if that target is Moon Dong-ju.

Kiwoom’s absolute ace Ahn Woo-jin’s start in the opening game is certain. Director Hong Won-ki spares his words, but there is no way he will not mention Ahn Woo-jin in the opening match. Woojin Ahn failed to join the WBC national team, but rather, it is an environment where he can calmly focus on preparing for the season in Kiwoom. Last year, he played an overwhelmingly large number of innings in the league, but he is expected to face the 2023 season without any major risks.

In other words, it means that a 155km missile showdown between An Woo-jin and Moon Dong-ju in Gocheok can be held on April 1st. Moon Dong-ju shows off his good condition at this camp. After starting the bullpen pitching with 70% strength, gradually raise the energy level. According to a Hanwha official on the 22nd, Moon Dong-ju recently recorded a fastball of 156 km in an evaluation match against the Dutch WBC national team. Head coach Subero has put Moon Dong-ju in the list of starting pitchers for the opening game. 안전놀이터

An Woo-jin also took a picture of 160 km last year. If he is full of energy at the beginning of the season, he is expected to easily shoot the speed limit in the second half of 150km. Even if Moon Dong-ju does not appear in the opening game, if he starts on April 2, he can face off against 150km foreign pitcher Ariel Furado, who Kiwoom recruited for 1 million dollars. Kiwoom forms a one-two punch with Ahn Woo-jin and Hurado this season.

Hanwha is overflowing with promising fireballers with heavy balls in the 150km range. In addition to rookie Kim Seo-hyun, there are many starting pitchers who are expected to grow in the long term, such as Park Joon-young and Nam Ji-min. Han Seung-hyeok, who was recruited by trade from KIA, also struggles for a comeback. Han Seung-hyeok also recorded a fastball of 151km while digesting one inning in a recent match against the Dutch WBC team.

During the interview in Arizona, Han Seung-hyeok clearly stated that his speed was more average than maximum speed and more control than average speed. Even so, the necessary condition for resurrection, and the difference between him and other pitchers, is still speed. He has to deal with his chronic insecurity, but that doesn’t mean he has to give up his speed. Of course, when you start, your speed will decrease a little.

April 1st and 2nd Gocheok 2 consecutive battles, who will be the fastest? candidates came out. An Woo-jin, Hura-do, and Moon Dong-ju. Here’s the possibility of Han Seung-hyuk’s comeback. Along with the speed match at Hanwha Spring Camp, this year’s Gocheok Opening Match is likely to attract quite a bit of attention.

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