Multi-hits, bullet throws, stolen bases, big catches… Kim Do-young is a genius

The KIA Tigers suffered a humiliating defeat in a practice game against the Samsung Lions in Okinawa on the 5th. It seemed to win 7-3 with Lee Woo-sung’s mid-month three-run gun after scoring 4 points without a timely hit with foot baseball and team hitting. However, due to the sluggishness of Pilseungman Jeon Sang-hyun, he allowed 8 runs and a reversal.

Even though he was humiliated, there was a clear harvest in the other line. Lead-off Kim Do-young, who was in his second year, was active. He hit and stole, and even played a great role in air defense. It made me forget the come-from-behind defeat. Existing starting pitchers such as third baseman Ryu Ji-hyeok and shortstop Park Chan-ho are very tense.

Kim Do-young was the first batter in the bottom of the first inning and hit in the middle of the right. He caught a sharp falling curve and hit it. Then, Kim Seok-hwan hit home with a sacrifice fly to center fielder. He also got on base with a hit to left in the third inning and succeeded in stealing a base. Despite the catcher’s (Kim Jae-seong) bullet throw, he lived with amazing sliding. Hyung-Woo Choi scored on a sacrifice fly. In the 7th inning, he went on base with a walk and came back home with Lee Woo-sung’s mid-month home run.

He took 3 on base to walk on multi-hits. The equation that leads to everyone scoring when they get on base shines. It was a very threatening lead-off for the opposing battery and defenders. In the first practice game against Samsung on the 1st, he went 5 at bats, got 3 hits, 1 run and 1 base. Against Lotte on the 3rd, 4 at-bats had no hits. He is recording 5 hits in 12 at-bats in 3 games in the Okinawa League.

The quality of batted balls has improved. Compared to last year, the batted ball is much stronger. The batting form was also modified. He slightly lowers his hands holding the bat, matches the timing better, and hits the ball well. Kim Do-young laughed, saying, “I modified the form during the off-season. I prepared a lot to make it my own. I’m satisfied with the fact that it went well so far.”

He was hot on defense too. After two deaths in the first inning, Kim Tae-hoon’s powerful hitting ball was caught with a diving catch. After that, he had a hard time catching a hit ball that fell into the third gap, and then turned back and showed the ability to force out second base. It was a scene where he clearly showed competitiveness as a shortstop.

He made the biggest effort to improve his defense. “I did a lot of defensive training at the camp. There were no light throwing throws, but I made up for that part a lot. Throwing with a snap using a slow throw was very helpful. I got a lot of help from senior (Kim) Sunbin. I will catch it. I am confident in the main competition.”

Kim Do-young’s change was faithful spring camp training. Last year she got Corona and only joined late in camp. During her first overseas camp this year, she trained her body and mind. She also shows a change in her aggressiveness, such as asking questions to her coaches and seniors. She’s fully adapted to being a professional athlete. It is fulfilling coach Kim Jong-guk’s expectations, “The team only becomes stronger when Do-yeong is the starting player.” 온라인카지노

The burden on his heart that had been crushed also eased a lot. He received a huge spotlight last year as the batting champion in the demonstration game. The burden was so great, and in the opening game in front of a full crowd, he was humiliated with no hits. He promised, “I will hit one in the opening game this year. I think it will work out this year.” At the same time, he laughed and said, “Even if I don’t get a hit, I will think positively.”

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