‘Park Ji-soo’s double-double, Kim Min-jung’s winning shot’ KB Stars, a reversal victory over BNK like a picture

Cheongju KB Stars won the 2022-23 Shinhan Bank Sol Women’s Professional Basketball at the Cheongju Indoor Gymnasium on the 20th with Park Ji-soo’s double-double and Kim Min-jung’s winning shot, Lee So-hee and Kim Han-byeol’s hard-fought Busan BNK Sum 62-61.

As a result of the day, KB Stars recorded 6 wins and 13 losses and maintained 5th place, while BNK suffered 8 losses (11 wins) and went down one notch to a tie for 2nd place.

1st Quarter, BNK 16-10 KB Stars: Extreme Balance BNK Takes the Lead

KB Stars started with Huh Ye-eun, Shim Seong-young, Kang Iseul, Yeom Yun-ah, and Kim Min-jeong, and BNK started with Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, Han Eom-ji, Kim Han-byeol, and Jin An-i. He was named in the starting lineup.

The beginning was sluggish. The attack was not effective. The 2 points BNK made in 2 minutes and 30 seconds were all the points scored. Afterwards, KB Stars succeeded in scoring the first goal of the game through Sim Seong-yeong’s deep three, and BNK immediately took a 4-3 lead with a thumb jumper.

The attack flow slowed down again, and KB Stars made a change by putting Park Ji-soo. After BNK took a step away with Ahn Hye-ji’s jumper, Kim Han-byeol took the lead 8-3 with a bottom shot. KB Stars, who did not add any points for more than 2 minutes, took the operation time when 5 minutes passed.

Afterwards, both teams traded a goal each. Time passed without being able to release the attack. BNK led 10-5, 5 points with about a minute left.

Afterwards, both teams added points with the keywords inside and outside, and BNK, with two 3-point shots, led the first quarter by 16-10, 6 points.

2nd Quarter, KB Stars 29-29 BNK: Pursuit and response, a balanced game

The first point of the quarter was Iseul Kang, and BNK increased the score to 21-12, 9 points with a 3-point shot by Si-on Kim added to Kim Han-byeol’s bottom shot. When the 2 minutes passed, KB Stars quickly took the operation time. He gave many instructions throughout the airlift.

KB Stars released an attack and narrowed the score gap. A chance based on a quick transition was scored from the bottom and outside of the goal, and after 5 minutes, 21-23, followed by 2 points. BNK had to allow the pursuit of the changed KB Stars karate concentration.

Afterwards, KB Stars even made a tie, and spent time exchanging goals one by one. With a tie, the game was full of tension. With 2 minutes left before the end, KB Stars succeeded in turning the game around for the first time with a Yum Yoon-ah jumper. Falling behind by 25-27, BNK took the operation time right away.

After that, the flow of BNK. After blocking the run with strong defense, BNK led 29-27 with 4 points from Sohee Lee with 1 minute left. KB Stars had to be satisfied with a 29-29 tie with Heo Ye-eun’s goal. 헤라카지노

3rd quarter, KB Stars 47-37 BNK: Changed offense and defense balance, KB Stars taking a 10-point lead KB Stars took the lead

. Kim Min-jung and Park Ji-soo scored in the paint zone, followed by Kim Min-jung’s 3-point shot and a strong defense, leading 35-29, 6 points. BNK passed the first crisis of the game as the score was tied for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

KB Stars continued to lead. Ahn Hye-ji allowed a goal, and the attack slowed down for a while, but as the 5 minutes passed, Park Ji-soo and Sim Seong-young scored consecutively to lead 40-31, 9 points. BNK continued to struggle in attack and could not close the score gap.

Afterwards, both teams traded points. In the end, KB Stars finished the third quarter with a 10-point lead, 47-37.

4th quarter, KB Stars 62-61 BNK: A chase like a flame, a reversal like a picture

BNK started the chase. For two minutes, they exchanged one goal each, and as the two minutes passed, Lee So-hee’s two 3-pointers caught up with the score 45-49. It was also a signal flare that signaled a close fight.

Afterwards, the two teams exchanged points for 3 minutes, and with about 2 minutes left, KB Stars took a 58-54, 4-point lead with Isul Kang’s free throw and 3-point shot. BNK lost the one-possession game as the flame-like chase slowed down for a while.

hit back right away. With Han Umji’s 3-point shot added to the Jinan jumper, they caught up with 59-60. This was the situation 44 seconds before the end.

And the game, which was exchanged only once for a while, seemed to end with BNK come-from-behind victory with a goal from Jinan 4 seconds before the end.

KB Stars was not watching. I made an operation that can use 4 seconds as an operation time, gave perfection to the route from Park Ji-soo to Kim Min-jung, and a picturesque reversal drama was created with Kim Min-jung scoring. In the end, KB Stars took the victory.

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