Return after 17 months… Will the 35-year-old pitcher who underwent elbow surgery win the FA jackpot?

Minnesota Twins Japanese pitcher Kenta Maeda (35) is preparing to return. After this season, Maeda, who will qualify as a free agent, is aiming for a big contract.

On the 26th (Korean time), MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, selected 5 pitchers who are expected to rebound this season. Double Maeda was also included. The media introduced his performance, saying, “Maeda recorded an average ERA of 2.87 in 25 postseason games and came second in the 2020 American League Cy Young Award voting.” 먹튀검증

After conquering the Japanese stage, Maeda crossed the Pacific Ocean through the posting system in 2016. He wore a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform with an eight-year, $25 million guarantee. Due to his elbow injury issues, his coverage wasn’t great. Instead, the size of the options was substantial. And Maeda went 47-35 with a 3.87 ERA in 137 games for the Dodgers over four years.

Maeda moved to Minnesota through a trade. With the number of games shortened due to Corona 19, he recorded 6 wins and 1 loss with an earned run average of 2.70 in 11 games in the 2020 season, ranking second in the American League Cy Young Award voting. He pictured a rosy future, but suffered an elbow injury the following year.

Eventually, Maeda, who was on the operating table, devoted himself to rehabilitation. And joined the 2023 spring training with a healthy look. She is getting ready to go on the mound. Maeda, who is in her mid-thirties, is not young, but if she recovers her health, she is evaluated as worth looking forward to.

The media said, ‘It is true that Maeda will turn 35 this year. However, it is also true that he was one of the hardest pitchers to attack when Maeda was healthy. Maeda recorded a 31% batting average at the time, which was the fourth highest among starting pitchers,’ he said, expressing expectations for Maeda.

Maeda escaped from the long injury tunnel. His 17-month comeback is just around the corner. His hiatus has been long, but if Maeda shows the same form as before, he can aim for the FA jackpot. He will become a free agent at the end of this season. Attention is focusing on whether Maeda will be able to rebound.

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