‘Return of Clutch Park’ Park Jung-ah “If we play spring volleyball, we can try it too:

‘Clutch Park’ is back. Park Jung-ah (30) played the role of a solver at every critical juncture, presenting a valuable victory to Korea Expressway Corporation.

Korea Expressway Corporation scored a set score of 3-1 (26-24 25-27 26-26-24 25-27 26-24) thanks to the performance of Park Jung-ah, who was responsible for 29 points in the match against GS Caltex in the professional volleyball Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 27th. 28 33-31).

Park Jung-ah’s instinct as a solver shined even more in the breathtaking battle from the 1st set to the 4th set to deuce in each set. In a difficult situation where the first set was given to GS Caltex first, Park Jung-ah began to exert strength from the second set. In the second set, she was responsible for the same 7 points as foreign player Catbell, and her attack success rate reached a whopping 54.55%.

Park Jung-ah was also the main character who finished the second set deuce match. At 26-25, Park Jung-ah blocked GS Caltex MoMA’s spike to finish the second set.

In the third set, a one-man show was held, and Park Jung-ah rolled up her arm while the road construction was behind 21-24. With two quick opens and blocking, he was responsible for three consecutive points alone and led the deuce 24-24.

With Park Jung-ah trailing 25-26, she balanced the game again with an open attack. Highway Corporation, whose morale was boosted by Park Jung-ah’s one-man show, scored 2 points with Catbell’s open attack and Jung Dae-young’s blocking on 26-26, completing a come-from-behind drama.

The 4th set solver was also Park Jung-ah. In 31-31, Park Jung-ah scored setter Lee Yoon-jung’s back toss with a quick open to lay the foundation for victory. On this day, he was responsible for 29 points, including 3 blockings, and showed his ace-down appearance without regret.

Park Jung-ah’s face was bright when she interviewed the best player after the game. Park Jung-ah said, “It was the last game before the All-Star break and it was an important game in the fight for third place. It feels good to win.” . 토토사이트

Park Jung-ah also bought fans’ regrets with her ups and downs this season. He had a hard time physically after being called out for a long time before the season. To make matters worse, he suffered shingles early in the season, making it no easier to maintain his form. Depending on Park Jung-ah’s condition, the team performance of the Korea Expressway Corporation was inevitably affected.

However, entering the second half of the season, Park Jung-ah is gradually finding her pace. As Park Jung-ah revived, the road construction is also gaining strength. After catching the leading Hyundai E&C on the 24th, they are raising their hopes for spring volleyball by winning two consecutive victories recently.

Park Jung-ah said, “Honestly, there were parts that I couldn’t prepare well for various reasons. They say it’s 100% now, but it’s still coming up.”

Park Jung-ah, who joked, “I think my stamina seems to drop faster when I enter my 30s,” said, “When I win, I still feel less tired and want to keep playing. Now that our performance is good, I think I’m less tired.”

Park Jung-ah, who said that his confidence has increased as his performance has improved recently, said, “Before the season, there was little expectation that we would finish third. We are playing well unexpectedly.” he emphasized.

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