SD to sell top hitter to ‘extend Kim’? “We have no choice”

The fact that San Diego’s performance this season is particularly disappointing is not unrelated to the performance compared to investment 온라인카지노. A team that spent a lot of money couldn’t extract that much productivity. I had high expectations, so I was very disappointed. Looking at the team’s salary rankings this season, it’s clear at once how unproductive San Diego’s 2023 will be.

According to the tally of ‘Spottrak’, San Diego’s team salary this year is about $ 252.75 million (about 335.2 billion won). This is the third largest in the major leagues after the New York Mets (approximately $ 343.17 million) and the New York Yankees (approximately $ 279.36 million). Coincidentally, all three teams that spent the most money this year are on the verge of not making it to the postseason. Even based on the 26-man roster, San Diego is fifth overall with about $193.42 million (about 256.5 billion won). By any metric, it is clear that this is a club that has spent a lot of money.

There are the Mets and Yankees ahead, but the size of the so-called ‘market’ must also be considered. The Mets and Yankees are based in New York, one of the largest cities in the United States. Even in California, it’s not comparable to San Diego, which is a smaller city than Los Angeles or San Francisco. Maybe San Diego has the highest team revenue-to-expenditure ratio. In his own way, the owner made up his mind and made a ‘special special’, but the results did not come out.

As of the 28th (Korean time), San Diego is 61-70 (.466), 4th in the National League West. It is tied with Washington, who is in the process of rebuilding after making up his mind. That’s an incredible score. Amid continued sluggishness, the probability of advancing to the postseason has now dropped to 2.7% (based on fan graph count). It’s a straight slide. After all, San Diego is in a position to think about 2024. The future of the key players in the team must also be determined.

When this season ends right away, left-hander Blake Snell, who served as the ace of the team this year, and left-hander Josh Hader, the team’s built-in closer, will be eligible for free agency (FA). It’s unclear if their alternative will be inside San Diego. There is a bigger problem here. It is Juan Soto (25), the best hitter on the team who will qualify for free agency after the 2024 season.

When Soto was wearing a Washington uniform, he flatly refused a large extension contract worth mid-$400 million in Washington. It seems clear that he’s aiming for a total of over $500 million. As Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is highly likely to grow the market this year, Soto seems to be able to make a profit as well. If you think you can’t catch Soto, it’s realistic to trade him after this season.

San Diego has yet to make an official comment on Soto’s contract extension. First of all, I kept Soto at the trade deadline this year. However, San Diego already has many high-priced long-term contracts. Manny Machado ($350 million in 11 years), Fernando Tatis Jr. ($340 million in 14 years), Zander Bogatz ($280 million in 11 years), You Darvish ($108 million in 6 years) Ten thousand dollars), Joe Musgrove (5-year total of $100 million), and Jake Cronenworth (7-year total of $80 million) are typical. Even more so, Soto has a bigger contract than any of them.

USA Today columnist and major league source Bob Nightingale said on the 28th (Korean time), “Some major league general managers say San Diego has no choice but to trade Soto before the start of the 2024 season. I’m watching,’ he reported. “Some general managers predicted that the Padres would have no choice but to trade outfielder Juan Soto after a terrible season,” Nightingale added.

Nightingale found this opinion reasonable. That’s because San Diego doesn’t make as much money as the Yankees or the Los Angeles Dodgers. There must be money in the barn to spend on athletes, but that is not the case. In particular, the recent bankruptcy of Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s Valley Sports, which was the main broadcasting company, is significant. A number of clubs signed with this group are struggling. Currently, the Major League Secretariat is stepping up to support production and take over the employment, and is enduring, but it is unknown what will happen in the future.

Originally, the size of the contract for TV broadcasting rights in San Diego was about 1.2 billion dollars in total over 20 years. The Major League Secretariat plans to support the club by any means and methods so that it does not suffer losses. However, if there is no ultimate new contract with the relay company, the Secretariat’s support will inevitably be limited. In San Diego, it is not the time to increase livelihood.

Giving up Soto can at least prevent additional spending on the current payroll. And at the end of the 2024 season, there is a gap to sign an extension contract with Kim Ha-seong (28), who also obtains FA qualification. Assuming that Soto is captured, Ha-seong Kim was in fact something that had to be given up. But he can afford it if he doesn’t catch Soto.

San Diego needs Kim Ha-sung. He is the team’s main second baseman and an all-around player who can play as shortstop and third baseman at any time. In addition, this year, he has improved his offense and is also playing as a leadoff. Now he is an indispensable player on the team. Currently, Kim Ha-sung is valued at an average of 15 to 20 million dollars per year, and it is expected that a proposal of 100 million dollars will be needed over 5 years. Considering the importance of Kim Ha-sung in the team, it could be beneficial for San Diego to catch him even with this money.

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