The dream of a 22-year-old fullback who decided to go to Germany… “I want to compete in the Paris Olympics”

Gong Eun-soo (22), a former Ulsan Hyundai youth player, joined Lokomotiv Leipzig in Germany’s 4th division in July last year. He passed the test in real form and boarded a plane to Europe.

He is sublimating the pain of being released from youth at the age of 17 into growing pains.

Gong Eun-soo went through Ulsan Youth and Japanese high school soccer and sweated at TNT FC. The collected sweat drops led his feet to Europe. Cheongwoon continues his dream in Germany.

“(On the day of the notification of release), I didn’t feel anything at first. I just thought it was time to go pro because I was young. I accepted it naturally thinking that I should gain more experience.”

Gong Eun-soo expressed his gratitude to TNT, the only soccer team in Korea that specializes in comeback. 먹튀검증 He played a key role in advancing into Germany.

While maintaining a team training routine, he played plenty of practice matches with higher league teams. The mental class provided by TNT was also very helpful in developing my skills.

“It was great that I was able to systematically train (group) as a member of TNT. In addition, it was very helpful to experience a lot of practice games with teams in the higher leagues. Outside of soccer, the mental classes were impressive. It’s helping. It’s effective in keeping me motivated.”

Gong Eun-soo did not forget the seniors and juniors in the soccer world who were unable to enter the professional league like herself. He offered careful condolences.

“I’m still lacking a lot. I’m not in a position to tell you what to say. However, there are definitely people who want to find a different path (not soccer), but if it’s one year, it’s one year, if it’s two years, two years, really focus on soccer (at least once ) Why don’t you try exercising. I want to say this carefully.”

He also gave a small tip to his colleagues who, like himself, were considering playing in Germany. The point emphasized by Gong Eun-soo was language. He recommended learning a foreign language even if it is not perfect, saying that studying German and English is not an option, but a matter of survival.

“Germany emphasizes German to harmonize (with the team), whether it’s tactics or adaptation to the club. Before coming to Germany, I didn’t speak German at all, so I had a bit of trouble in the beginning. I also received quite a few harsh eyes.”

“Still, as I studied German little by little and started to understand the language, I felt that my teammates and coaches liked it a lot. You have to spend a lot of time studying the language, just like football, for at least a year or more. I don’t think it’s necessary. If there are players who want to come to Germany, German can be difficult, so I’d like to bring a little bit of English.

In addition to language, he emphasized the importance of ‘people’. He emphasized that it is very important to appoint an agent with a lot of bones in that country, not only in Germany, but also in any overseas club. 스포츠토토

“I’ve seen quite a few cases of players taking tests in Germany who met the wrong agent, paid the money and went back to Korea after failing to receive a proper test. More than that, there are a lot of cases where I joined a lower league and didn’t have any (meaningful) experience. So, I have a request for my friends who are going abroad, including Germany, to meet an agent with expertise who knows the overall situation of a country. that’s really important.”

Gong Eun-soo’s role model is Philip Lahm (39, Germany), who reigned as the world’s best fullback during his active career. Despite his relatively small physical condition (height 170cm), he admired the legend who contributed to the golden age of Bayern Munich in the 2010s with his unrivaled soccer intelligence, small ups and downs, and balanced air defense skills.

“The understanding of the position is very high, and the soccer sense is excellent, such as positioning, predictive defense, and line control when defending. I really want to resemble the ability to coordinate while reading the entire game, stable leadership, and little ups and downs.”

He pointed out the pros and cons of ‘fullback Gong Eun-soo’ himself. He has a lot of airborne activity and appealed to Mark as his strong point. 스포츠토토

“When defending, German players value interpersonal defense rather than regional defense. There are many defenses in which players go straight to each other and bump into each other, regardless of whether they are kicked out or not. We encourage each other to play defense.”

He cited physical weakness as his weakness. Gong Eun-soo, who is 175 cm tall and weighs 70 kg, laughed, saying, “I came to Germany, so my physical inferiority is more obvious.

As an athlete, he dreams of the Paris Olympics in 2024 and the World Cup in North and Central America in 2026. He dreamed of a future as a helper for soccer players to go abroad by making use of his rich experience living in other countries such as Germany and Japan.

“I’m still only thinking about the future as a soccer player. However, since I have a lot of overseas experience (compared to my age), I’ve thought about whether there might be something I can do to help players like me who are taking tests or trying out. He hinted that the goal of ‘Human Gong Eun-soo’ is to be a helper who opens up ‘Gong Eun-soo’. The 22-year-old full-back had the help he received etched into his mind.

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