The only ‘Hyundai Rival’ selected for European off-season training, a war of nerves from the new season quenching

25 domestic professional football K-League teams (12 K-League 1 teams and 13 K-League 2 teams) are in the midst of hardening for the 2023 season. In the winter field training, each team sets out on foundation construction that will determine the outcome of the year’s farming through physical training as well as tactical training.

The training grounds selected by the 25 clubs are diverse. Generally, the club conducts the 2nd training camp after the 1st training camp, and Thailand was the most selected place for the 1st training camp. 14 clubs set up camps in Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, Pohang Steelers chose Hanoi, Vietnam. Suwon Samsung and Chungnam Asan FC set up camps in Jeju, Geoje, Namhae, and Changwon.

There are only two clubs leaving for Europe. ‘Hyundai is the Family’ Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai. The Jeonbuk team, which failed to win the league for six consecutive years, is in the midst of building up after leaving for Spain on the 16th. The Ulsan team, which won the league championship trophy for the first time in 17 years since 2005 last season, also left for Algarve, Portugal on the 31st.

메이저놀이터 Both teams, which are the only ones in the league to choose European off-season training, plan to enhance their sense of practice by playing practice games with European teams locally. It is the same that they will continue to prepare for the new season in Europe without dividing the first and second training period. Regarding this, a team official said, “I chose Europe because I have a firm will to win the championship even if there are influences such as exchange rate fluctuations.”

The competition between ‘Hyundai rivals’ has begun from the preparations for the new season. Jeonbuk and Ulsan are determined to compete fiercely for the championship in the 2023 season. Since the off-season, the atmosphere has heated up. Jeonbuk hit the ball. They recruited Lee Dong-jun, who returned from the German stage. Lee Dong-jun is expected to emerge as the best crack type player in the league who penetrates the space behind opponents at high speed.

Not to be outdone by this, Ulsan also had the best striker in the league. Joo Min-gyu, who scored the most goals in the league for two consecutive years, was recruited from Jeju United. Joo Min-gyu scored 22 goals in the 2021 season, and scored 17 goals last season. He is a striker with proven skills. Joo Min-kyu is expected to lead Ulsan’s frontline attack along with Martin Adam, a foreign striker from Hungary.

Here, even ‘Amano Derby’ seems to make fans interested. As Jun Amano (Japan), who played as an attacking midfielder in Ulsan, turned down Ulsan’s offer to extend his lease contract and went to Jeonbuk, the nerves of both teams became sharper. Moreover, the match between the players of both teams is expected to become more intense as there have been loud stories during and after the transfer.

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