Throng, Lee Mi-rae, Kim Min-a, and Kim Gap-seon lost. Gayoung Kim, Jeongsuk Lim, Yeeun Kim, Seyeon Kim wins – SK World Championship

Rank 1 Slong Piabi and 4 crown winner Lee Mi-rae missed the first round. The first year champions Kim Gap-sun and Kim Min-ah also lost in the first match. 바카라사이트

However, defending champion Kim Ga-young, first king of kings Kim Se-yeon, 5 gold medals Lim Jeong-suk, Kim Ye-eun and Hida came to the second round with one win. Throng, who won two gold medals this year and ranked first this season, lost 1-2 to 32nd place Eunyoung Jung in the first leg of the round of 32 preliminary league of the ‘2023 SK Rent-A-Car LPBA Championship’ held on the 3rd (JTBC Studio Ilsan). He lost the first set, but scored 6 consecutive hits in the 2nd set to tie the game, then 3 consecutive hits in the 3rd set and 1 inning seemed to be a come-from-behind victory. However, he suddenly started to falter and suffered an unexpected defeat while hitting a ball in three consecutive innings. Jeong Eun-yeong, who was invited to the King of Kings match as the last player, scored 3 consecutive hits in 3 sets and 9 innings, and achieved a pleasant first win against Dae-eo. Even Lee Mi-rae, who won 4 crowns, lost 1-2 to Jeon Ae-rin, who had a light shot, and the way for former champions Kim Min-ah and Kim Gap-seon also lost to local masters Choi Yeon-joo and Park Ji-hyun. Kim Ga-young won after a long race of 17 innings because she didn’t hit a shot in the first set, but finished the second set in 7 innings and defeated Oh Ji-yeon 2-0. Kim Se-yeon lost the first set to Kim Min-young, but took the second and third sets down and won 2-1. Kim Se-yeon scored 8 consecutive hits in the 2nd set and seized the victory. Lim Jung-sook fired 7 bank shots and passed Kim Myung-hee 11:4, 11:7. Hida only scored 1 run in 9 innings in 1 set. Oh Do-hee hit 6 consecutive hits in 9 innings and won 11:1.

However, Hida immediately regained his sense of shot and won the second set 11:2 and the third set 9:1.

Only Kim Ye-eun recorded one win in Group H, where the three MZ generation members, including Kim Ye-eun, Baek Min-joo, and Yong Hyun-ji, gathered. After a fierce battle, Yong Hyun-ji was defeated by Kim Ye-eun, and Baek Min-joo was completely defeated by Japan’s Hayashi 0-2.

Throng fights Kyung-Nam Yoon, who was defeated by Kyung-Jin Lim in the second match. Mi-rae Lee and Min-ah Kim, who are holding 1 loss in the same Group H, face off against Yeon-joo Choi and Ae-rin Jeon, who have 1 win. Another loss of ground. Kim Ga-young and Kim Se-yeon meet in the third match. Group A 1/ Jung Eun-young 1 win 2/ Lim Gyeong-jin 1 win 3/ Throng 1 loss 4/ Yun Gyeong-nam 1 loss Group B 1/ Kim Ga-young 1 win 2/ Kim Se-yeon 1 win 3/ Kim Min-young 1 loss 4/ Oh Ji-yeon 1 loss Group C 1/ Lim Jeong-suk 1 2 wins/ Lee Woo-gyeong 1 win 3/ Sakai 1 loss 4/ Kim Myung-hee 1 loss Group D 1/ Oh Su-jeong 1 win 2/ Hida 1 win 3/ Kim Jin-ah 1 loss 4/ Oh Do-hee 1 loss Group E 1/ Park Ji-hyun 1 win 2/ Higashiuchi 1 3 wins/ Kim Gap-seon 1 loss 4/ Lee Ji-yeon 1 loss Group F 1/ Choi Yeon-joo 1 win 2/ Jeon Ae-rin 1 win 3/ Mi-rae Lee 1 loss 4/ Kim Min-ah 1 loss Group G 1/ Lee Yoo-joo 1 win 2/ Kim Bo-mi 1 win 3/ Lee Mari 1 loss 4/ Jang Hye-ri 1 loss Group H

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