Was Chae Eun-sung this much…Non-replaceable core power that is recognized and shines more because it is Hanwha, and happy partners with each other

Yeom Kyung-yeop, who took the helm of the LG Twins in November last year, envisioned the new season and said, “90 RBIs flew away. “We have to fill the empty seats in any way,” he said, regretfully. This is what he said about Chae Eun-sung (33), 꽁머니 who became an FA (free agent) and moved to the Hanwha Eagles.

Chae Eun-sung, who wore a Hanwha uniform in November last year, said, “I felt sincerity when General Manager Son Hyuk said, ‘I need you.’ “I will play with a sense of responsibility,” he said. Park Chan-hyuk, CEO of Hanwha club, told Chae Eun-sung at the joining ceremony, “Thank you for coming to our club.”

Sincerity works with sincerity. No matter how business it is.

Chae Eun-sung, who started as a nurturing player. From 2018 to 2022, he had a batting average of .344, 690 hits, 80 home runs, 444 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.829 for five years. He averaged 138 hits, 16 home runs, and 88.8 RBIs every year. He continued his stable performance as a center hitter.

However, Chae Eun-sung was a key player in LG, which has been seeking to win every year, but he was not an irreplaceable player.

Hanwha, which finished last for three consecutive years, was different. The centerpiece of the attack was needed immediately. It’s a song that will lead young players

I needed a leader, a veteran to be a model. This is why Hanwha signed a 6-year-9 billion won contract with Chae Eun-sung in November last year. It needed the strength to lift the team that had been on the floor for three years.

Chae Eun-sung is not a complacent player. I know why the club desperately wanted him and what it wants.

He played 74 of the 78 games played by the team in the first half. His batting average is .291 (84 hits in 289 at-bats), 11 home runs, 47 RBIs, and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) 0.820, tied for 10th in hits, tied for 6th in home runs, and 9th in RBIs.

Depending on the composition of the players and the situation of the team, they all entered the batting order 3, 4, and 5. Still, the best match is No. 4 who played the most. Of course, regardless of the batting order, he contributed to the team with a steady appearance.

Noh Si-hwan, who grew up to be the best hitter in his fifth year as a professional, said, “I learn a lot from Chae Eun-sung. “If I have any questions, I ask them frequently,” he says. He instills positive energy as a reliable senior as well as excellent clutch skills.

Chae Eun-sung produced the most hits in the scoring range among Hanwha hitters in the first half. He is 27 for 81 at 95 at-bats. It was more than Noh Si-hwan, who had 20 hits in 77 at-bats in 97 at-bats. He had a batting average of .333 and was the ‘number 1’ among Hanwha players.

Chae Eun-sung seems to be properly recognized for his ability only at Hanwha. The ability that could have been slightly buried if you were on another team.

Hanwha’s No. 4 hitter also shone outside. He won the All-Star Game Home Run Race in 2023 and won the All-Star Game MVP. He hit a grand slam in the All-Star Game for the first time in 41 years. He hit a tie-record five RBIs.

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